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Free Healthcare Directory

FindHealthPro is equipped with a world class healthcare directory database that allows Users to search for Healthcare providers across the country. All you have to do is select the type of Healthcare provider you are looking for, switch on your geolocation or type in your post/zip code and click search.
The advanced search function allows Users to specify search distance, gender of Healthcare provider, years of experience and type of service (Face to Face consultation, Video consultation, Online chat or Phone call consultation).
Our healthcare directory is not solely focussed on Doctors. Our Users are given options to search for different types of Healthcare providers such as Nurses, Dentists, Veterinary doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologist and Carers.

Appointment Booking System

Our Healthcare platform will allow you book appointments with Healthcare providers who have registered for this service. You can book a Face to Face appointment, a Phone call appointment, a Video consultation appointment or an Online chat appointment.
Using our appointment booking system is free but the Health providers will allocate a cost for their services. This must be paid before a booking is complete.
When you select a Healthcare provider to book an appointment with, the appointment booking screen will show you available times and their cost for services rendered.

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Video and Online Consultation Appointments

Our Healthcare platform is equipped with Video and Online chatting facilities for Users to consult with Healthcare providers who have registered for this service. Users can search for Healthcare providers and book Video or Online consultation appointments. Healthcare providers can use our Healthcare platform to arrange a Video or Online consultation appointments with patients.
Video consultation is particularly beneficial to Users in remote or rural areas who do not have access to a good public transportation system or must travel extremely long distances to see doctors. Our Video and Online consultation platform can only be used Medical professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrist etc.

Ask FindHealthPro

Ask FindHealthPro, allows Users to ask our dedicated Doctors questions in an open Forum. Just post your question on one of our Doctor’s Forums and they will get back to you in due course with a response. Although our Doctors are extremely experienced, Ask FindHealthPro is not a consultation service and hence neither FindHealthPro nor its Doctors take liability for any advised posted on the Forum. For a proper consultation please search for a suitable Healthcare provider in our Healthcare directory and book an appointment with them using our appointment booking system.

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Ad placement

If you have any adverts you would like published on our website please contact FindHealthPro at, stating your Name, format of advertisement and how long you want it published for. We will send you a quote once we receive your details and request. Your adverts will be seen by a large number of Users and Healthcare providers.